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January 22, 2017


Trucker loses trailer of 38,000 pounds of marbles on I-465

(Thanks to funny man, Le Petomane, Rob Simbeck, Jay Brandes and Ross Couples)


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judging from the way they drive on LI i didn't know truckers had marbles to lose

That's A LOT of marbles to loose. Does the home* know yet?

(*Company or institution, whichever "fits" better.)

From working several years in mental hospitals, I know how sad it is when people lose their marbles.

"Just roll with it"--what the cops told the driver

That's just madness!

Kudos to RC! Has anyone else wondered where 38,000 lbs. of marbles were going? You don't see many kids playing Parcheesi or jacks these days.

We had an umpire who was a bit scary at a tournament near Indy. Kind of nuts.

He could have used the marbles.

We're gonna need a lot more volunteers to pick up all these marbles.

Protests explained

Was there a marathon Chinese Checkers tournament and I missed it?

They're not Toodles' - he already found his marbles.

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