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January 22, 2017


Terrifying ‘alien’ worm lurking at bottom of sea named after penis-slashing wife

(Thanks to Ross Couples)


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I saw Alien Worm open for Bowie. It was a trip.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Penis Slashing Wife Toured with The Little Willies

No brain, slashes in an instant, yeah the Bobbit worm is about right.

Lorena was here.

This must be why whale songs are so high pitched.

masterbai um, fishermen : beware

Men: nude swimming at your own risk.

there's also a creature lurking in the deep named after the woman who had 8 babies -
yeah, it's an Octopussy, & she'll *snatch* anything...

Did she ever meet up with that white whale, ligirl?

there's a ho in the bottom of the sea . . .

I think I saw that headline in the Bat Boy edition of the Enquirer.

Send it to Australia.

cheesewiz-They are already in Australia and are common off the Eastern and Southern coasts. I ran a Google search and found out they are about 10ft. long and also highly venomous(as are most critters in Australia). One question I couldn't find an answer to is if they are found off the Florida coast.

Try that in your tequila bottle.

LePet: hey, that's a idea! Finally, a solution to the Everglades' Burmese python problem.

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