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January 24, 2017


A fire at a recreational marijuana shop sent smoke billowing through Seattle's Lake City neighborhood early Tuesday morning.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts and B'game)


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Amazingly, none of the downwind neighbors called the fire department.

World's first chill fire.

Food trucks set up and made a killing

we're gonna need a Lot more *screaming yellow zonkers* !

No one noticed.

Ligirl - *Screaming Yellow Zonkers* I loved them! tnx for the memory!

But, Clankie, it was the owner of the joint who reported the fire.

Not a lot of bogarting that day.

None of the residents or rescue workers inhaled.

The cause of the blaze remains under investigation, but the shop's owner tells KOMO News he thinks it was sparked by an electrical malfunction.

That's likely to happen if you haven't been trained on how to use electronic lighters, dude.

Inhale, and relax. Chill. No, wait..all that pot???

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