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January 31, 2017


Saudi prince buys plane tickets for his 80 birds of prey

(Thanks to Le Petomane, Jan in in Grimsby and Fabian Marson)


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Bird of prey? Is that what Saudi princes call their progeny now?

The frequent flyer program administrator just resigned.

The Klingon Empire is not amused.

Is there video of the meal service? I pity the cabin crew, especially if the birds start complaining.

After the plane landed, the cleanup crew took one look at the floor and seats and quit.

It beats sitting next to someone like me, who has 7 kids.

You mean he doesn't have his own jet? What kind of prince IS he?

Those are well-trained birds. And they don't block the aisles trying to shove oversized luggage in the overhead bins.

The nice thing about using the hoods is none of them need to have a window seat. And the owner saves a bundle on the in-flight entertainment.

He could get a cheaper ticket in Economy Class for only 50 birds.

I do hope the Prince was bringing those birds to a squirrel gathering.

Now THAT'S the kind of Muslim our Great Leader can really get behind!

Cheep class, Brian D?

course they have carrion luggage

LIGIRL beat me to the line.

I had a flight sitting next to a vulture. Beautiful plumage.

he could've gotten them on for free by calling the emotional support birds of prey.

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