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January 27, 2017


Watch out 'crotch texters', the police are looking down on you

(Thanks to The Perts)


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and don't even Think about tweeting,
cuz That would be Twa - yeah ok I better not

Also, be careful with autocorrect when using SnatchPat.

Every time Whitesnake is mentioned, I think of English guitarist, Mel Galley. Galley was the lead guitarist for the 'Snake for a time. Mel Galley, along with Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple fame along with drummer Dave Holland formed the English Rock band Trapeze in 1969. If you have never listened to Trapeze, or more likely never heard of them, you should check them out. From 1969.

Someday you will thank me.

I would have to wonder about any cop who does nothing but drive around town looking at peoples crotches.

So, you are no longer allowed to crotch-text on your crotch rocket?

Our fundamental rights are being taken away! Somebody notify Madonna!

I have enough trouble texting with my fingers.

Wasn't crotch texting the undoing of Anthony Wiener?

I think that nursecindy does a lot of crotcheting, but I don't know how about texting.

isn't there a lapp for that ?

Is this why some women keep their phones set on "vibrate"?

Call me, maybe?

Can you? Here! Me now!

Judging from the many comments following the story, Canadians seem to be very passionate about crotch texting.

One of the first commentators said (paraphrasing) there is no reason to be looking at your crotch and smiling.

Not even if you, you know, wink wink, nudge nudge?

Crotch blogging is still cool, though, right?

Gives a whole new meaning to "crotchety" person.

Good one Loco. Never crochet close to your crotch. Those little crochet hooks can cause some damage if you're not careful.

gee, sure hope dave wasn't caught crotch posting or something

Someone I follow or saw a lot on twitter pointed out in his bio that a butt dial is not the same as a booty call. This appears to be neither of those.

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