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January 31, 2017


A huge mouth and no anus – this could be our earliest known ancestor

(Thanks to Ralph, Ross C., Bryan Matthews, Le Petomane, Peter Metrinko and The Perts) (Also Bill Hudgins, who says "Over time, this predicament was overcorrected.")


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is that a georgia o'keeffe painting ?

Send it to Wash. . . Never mind.

STFU you dumb no ass.

If that's a school photo, they may need a retake.

I've worked with these people.. My Dad used the expression "they talk like a fat man with a paper ass."

A huge mouth and no anus would indicate humans were full of crap even back then.

Huh. No one's claimed to see the Virgin Mary in it yet.

They moved by wriggling.... even now, those who move by Wrigley are ... well, you know.

I understand that much like modern politicians, they let a lotta poop outta their mouth...

No uranus puns yet?

Use those too often, it mars the effect.


@ligirl - aha! So your keyboard does have capital letters!

Careful, Uno. She can be quite mercurial about that.

At least she's not venereal....

(It's from Venus, you pervs...)

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