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January 22, 2017


A bizarre new fitness trend is sweeping the nation – where participants exercise completely NAKED

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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I hope there isn't any toe touching. I know from experience that older people tend to pass gas when they do that.

What about naked sweeping? Does it count?

GAH! You didn't warn us it was naked ENGLISH people!

If is says it in The Sun it must be true, right?

Reminds me, I like Rosie O'Donnell just the way she is. God help us if she this and decided to...well, god help us.

“The focus is to allow people to take part in a normal activity, but naked, so people don’t feel they are doing anything unusual.”

Some genuine WTF right there.

sure to attract crack addicts

I have been to the community room at Geezer Acres a few times and watched some exercise classes. Just thinking of those being done in the nude convinces me Dante missed one: there is a 10th ring of Hell.

They'd better sweep the nation afterward.

Aye Carumba! Where's that eye bleach?

50 shapes of gray, le petomane ?

As long as the tape deck doesn't play " Born Free ".

Maybe off topic - I know that there is a nude maid service somewhere, so you could withness yourself nude swipping, or vacuuming (unless your wife finds out).

If I were to engage in this, the naked fact is that I would be arrested for it, and they would quickly pass a law banning me from it.

Pirates don't exercise. It's part of The Code.

Mostly men.

Weird huh?

I do hope they wipe off their equipment after each use.

I thought the reason for exercising is that you don't WANT to be seen naked.

*huge snork to Le Petomane for "Geezer Acres" -- I laughed out loud at that one.*

Well some of them aren't completely naked. They're wearing socks and shoes.

Correct nursecindy and she is wearing glasses.

The ancient Greeks exercised naked. The Greek word for naked is gymnos. It's where we get the word gymnasium. Do these people think they invented it?

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