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January 21, 2017


Yesterday was Penguin Awareness Day.

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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Will they have an appreciation day for every hockey team?

I try to stay aware of penguins every day.


Another black tie affair on Inauguration Day.

It's about time The Penguin has his own special day. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot has had such a bad light shone on him by Batman. Just because as The Penguin he does exhibit some criminal tendencies on occasion, doesn't mean he's a bad chap.

I have a penguin on top of my television set.

So they're in comas the other 364 days?

Awww so cute. The Detroit Zoo has that new penquin house that is so nice to see.

Evidently, this is/was formal.

Flightless Bird Week has more of a following.


Some twenty years ago, whilst on a zoo trip, we bought our then little lad a picture that had been painted by penguin feet. It's still his fave art piece. It's hung in assorted dorm rooms, grotty apartments and (thankfully) now takes pride of place on the wall of a lovely place where one doesn't feel the need to use the doormat on the way out.
We also adopted a mole rat.

The FCC has strongly advised AGAINST having Penguins on the telly. It seems to interfere with digital broadcasts. Or was it broadcats? I forget...

OK, I'm aware of the Penguin.

Now what?

Penguin Appreciation 101.

Well, we missed Penguin Appreciation Day, but they held the parade without us.

Several of my workstations, and a few servers, at my office have a penguin on their startup screens. I appreciate Ubuntu* more and more each day!

* The official Ubuntu mascot is a penguin.

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