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January 29, 2017


N.B. couple used giant manure heap to harass neighbours, judge rules

(Thanks to Roberto and The Perts)


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Cool Jerk.

Been there, dung that...

The Gallants have a crappy neighbor for sure.

Wasn't Satellite Imagery Massive Pile of Manure the follow-up Pop 40 single to Rocket Man?

Those terrorist bastards!

Fertile ground for a really strong community atmosphere.

Quick, everybody grab a shovel! With all that manure there's got to be a pony in there somewhere!

good fences make good neighbors - bad neighbors make good fertilizer

Memo to The Blog:

Plenty of Executive Ordure is already coming out of Washington.

And, stay off their lawn!

I saw Giant Manure Heap open for Mott the Hoople.

@OldPhile - you are mistaken. Giant Manure Heap is a tribute band for Uriah Heep (UK rock from 70's).

Sorry, Dave. Sending manure to D.C. would be like sending coal to Newcastle.

I'm never mistaken. Just deluded.

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