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January 19, 2017


Florida man destroys nest full of wasps with his bare hands

(Thanks to Ralph)


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And put his likeness on a coin while He's there.

No high five for you, buddy.

And I thought the bravest person was the first one to milk a cow, or eat a crab... Gotta give Florida Man a hand for this one.

I always believed the bravest person ever was the guy who developed an edible mushroom chart---RIP. But this guy shows promise.

"I have done this over 50 times and have never gotten stung."

So why do wasps keep coming back?

Is it a "suicide" or burial ground for them?

Do you have a "gingerbread house"?

And remember, dude, there's alwasys a FIRST time!

He's had to do this over 50 times? Time to move, sir.

Of course, he may never play the violin again.

That dude's got fast hands and he is dedicated to getting the job done.

Sting sting.

I've taken down wasp nests, but not when it's as warm as it is in Florida. I make sure it's so cold they won't fight back faster than I can react / run away.

My exterminator told me that paper wasps like that aren't very aggressive. He knocks the nest down with a broom and they fly away. He said the joke in the industry is that you have to pay them to sting you. (Bald faced hornets and yellow jackets are a different story)

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