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January 19, 2017


'Aids-curing' pastor claims he removed woman's 'vaginal warts' with the power of his holy shoe


(Thanks to Patty Villanova, Le Petomane and Jim Kenaston)


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Something smells like a Croc here.

I won't believe any of this until Miss. Cleo says it's true.

If his feet are like mine, the stench will kill anything.

But did she get to keep the shoe, or was it all for show

I think he may be onto something.

Remember that guy who's long gone but used to be on TV every Sunday with "a really big shoe"?

I saw The Aids-Curing Pastor open for Bowie.

Helluva show.

Seems like someone's got the Puss In Boots story a bit mixed up.

don't know what that shoe's laced with but there sure is a lot of tripping goin on

*snork* @ meanie

Good one Meanie. He said she came to him with pimples on her vagina. I wonder if she tried Clearasil first? Just a thought. I saw the Warty Vaginas open for Aerosmith back in the 80's. Helluva show.

nc - I believe that's where Aerosmith got their inspiration for "Walk This Way".

Bad reportage!

In one place the article says vajayjay "warts." In another, it says pimples.

There IS a difference.

If you doubt, google each but be sure to have some eye wash/bleach handy. You can not "unsee" it.

Thanks to Nursecindy also.

I pulled up a picture of vaginal warts and funny man is right about that image. Pastor, if you want any of those shoes back, you need help.

Was this what James Brown meant when he sang "Get on the good foot!"?

Not only are the warts gone but her entire nether region has been pastorized.

What a heel!

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