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January 24, 2017


Bigfoot hunters say claw marks are evidence of 'Alabama Booger Monster'

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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The science is settled.

i couldn't even get past 'donald mcdonald'....

Those are nasty marks. Look a little like the blood stains on Ashley Judd's bed sheets.

I just love seeing 'booger' in a headline.

Send in the SNOT team.

Booger the Manatee has evolved.

I wonder if having "BigFoot Hunter" in your resume is a plus or minus ? Would the job interviewer ask: "What was biggest accomplishment you did on your last position ?"

Sorry Donald, but those claw marks on trees are common in bear country and I have seen many of them. Some guides claim bears mark territory that way. I do know that when those marks are high on a tree and fresh, that bear is welcome to his territory.

Why, thank you for the welcome, neighbor Le Petomane!

I swear, one ranger lets his toenails grow, runs around barefooted and the whole county goes into a panic!

Sasquatch is a snowbird. Who knew?

LeDud, "Invited Speaker at the Collard Green Festival" looks mighty good on one's Curriculum Vitae.

Looks like Che Guevara to me

I'd been hoping we'd get a new monster. Sasquatch, Champ, Jersey Devil, all so passe.

Maybe it was the Cookie Monster?

Booger heads are for sale on eBay.

This is exactly the kind of thing that should put France on high alert. Why is France never on alert anymore?

A "Booger" monster is nothing to sneeze at.

(Maybe several blows of the nose, but no sneezing, please. And, for God's sake, use a Kleenex or hankie.)

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