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January 18, 2017


French told not to fear wolves roaming Paris streets as 'they only eat four-legged animals'

(Thanks to Rob Simbeck and coscolo)


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where, wolf ?

Winter is coming

*sings a chorus of "Who's afraid of the bug, bad wolf"*

So to be safe I have to leave the bar trying to walk just on my two legs? It is not possible.

this is from the Mirror ?
sounds more like the Huffington-Puffington post

The "experts" claim wolves don't devour food that walks on two legs. But do the packs of ravenous wolves understand this rule?

No problem as long as you always carry a house made of bricks with you.

Aconitum for sale here!

There, there wolf...

The only problem with aconitum is getting the wolves to eat enough to do the trick. Given the choice between munching on a pretty poisonous plant or going after a tasty (likely running away) French person, it's pretty much a given which the wolves would chose.

"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
who's the wary-est wolf of all?"
--Favorite rhymes of le loup-garou

Possibly hype for a remake of Brotherhood of the wolf?

In Paris, aren't "wolves" men on the prowl ? Women beware !

If Inspector Clouseau could handle problems with a pink panther, why should wolves worry anyone?

If you walk around Paris singing "le monde est petit, après tout" you won't have a problem with wolves.

So chickens and pigeons and other two-legs are safe?

Awkwardly, there was at first a quick surrender when people mistakenly understood that Wolf Blitzer was heading for Paris from Berlin.

As a Frenchman, I will of course honor my country's heritage and nevertheless surrender immediately.

Say "chic sheep chemise" 3 times fast. All the runway wolves will be wearing them at Spring Fashion Week shows.

I am a bit sorry to say this is not totally accurate, as you know, not being true. The wolves are in the Alps, which are something like 700 km from Paris - a long distance to make on foot for a wolf. But nonetheless, we will of course surrender, as Frenchman said.

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