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January 18, 2017


According to the Plastic Surgery Group‘s cosmetic trend predictions for 2017, the next hot trend in how your body should look is tiny nipples.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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in the wine
make me happy
make me feel fine

That was Don Ho's little known first song.

- i thought it was Don (Expletive)'s only song

The topics on the website are boss. Brings to mind a song of hope and change this glorious morning

My only prediction is that the Plastic Surgery Group will try to make some money based on their cosmetic trend projections for 2017.

This trend of LED headlights is going to far.

The consulting expert surgeon is Mo Akhavani and he's saying less is mo? Lester Moore rings a bell...
"Here lies Lester Moore, six shots from a forty-four. No Les no Moore"
--Epitaph on a grave in Tombstone, Arizona.

It's early--I need more coffee.

I came here to make a Don Ho comment but ya'll beat me to it.

" nipples...won’t shrink if you eat a bit less "

An inconvenient truth, but still worthy of a government grant.

Men wish we were way out front on this.



Lester "Tiny" Nipples was a Mob enforcer turned FBI informant.

I saw Tiny Nipples when they opened for Van Halen.

Strangely, I'm hungry for a box of Cheese Nips.

Men wish we were way out front on this.

I prefer to be a very short distance out front on this. Within arm's reach, even.

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