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January 17, 2017


Do not click here.

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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I didn't click. Just reading the link told me more than I want to know.

Your advice has always been sound.

In conformity with Tribal regulations, that was done to me on day eight. I couldn't walk for a year.

This leg crossing reflex is really relentless.

No clickie!

DIY Circumcision opened for Simple Pastoral Existence who were originally known as these Rock Gods. The name Ponyclub was already taken.

Circumcision is not supposed to be done with machete - a chainsaw is much more effective.

At first his friends mocked him, but now...he'll really come up short.

"...he had used a clinically inappropriate tool..."

Uh huh.

I'm not sure anymore (memory hazy), but I think I saw Clinically Inappropriate open for Tool.

He should have been more circumspect about what he was doing.

Now, his amorous options are rather circumscribed. Maybe he should go into circumpolar exploration.

They sometimes use weed whackers or chainsaws for circumcisions in places like Flathead County with equally disastrous results.

Measure twice. Cut once.

(still haven't clicked)

He must have had an ax to grind...

Tim Allen used to have a monologue about cavemen and this practice: "Who do you think was the caveman who invented circumcision, and why? Perhaps an even better question would be "How did he ever talk someone else into trying it? Did he go 'Hey, Og! C'mon over here, man, and I'll show you something that I think is really neat! Now, all you have to do is lay your foreskin out there on that flat rock, while I cut it off with this flint knife that that I just sharpened...'"

Now the kid has a Mopey Dick.

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