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January 26, 2017


Spiritual healer cures blindness by licking patients' EYEBALLS after sterilising mouths with booze


(Thanks to Ross Couples)


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Don't even ask about the cure for impotence.

At last, the replacement for Obamacare is ready!

Many potential patients take one look at her and run away shouting, "I'm cured! I'm cured"!

Sign in the lobby.

For your safety, this facility complies with The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and uses the latest sterilization techniques for your safety.

She MAY be in violation for spitting in the instrument drawer and having a complete lack of any related sterilization equipment other than the oily spit rag. I saw Oily Spit Rag open for Madonna.

Wonder what CPT4 code that falls under ?

I'm hoping that's not nursecindy.

Her line of skin cream is not doing that well. Just sayin'....

LeDud, it may be an ICD-10 issue...

I saw this on Bewitched: an old 'lady' stole Darrin's youth and body by licking him on the cheek.

After the procedure the healer claims that the ocular condition has been licked.

I seriously doubt that "eyeball-lickin-good!" will become a catch-phrase.

Wait! Did these people go "blind" right when they first saw the "80 year old woman spiritualist"?

I think she may have cracked the Mirror.

Geezer Bus now boarding:

Hi! I'm Sandy Duncan, and I'm here with my good friend Sammy Davis Jr. reminding you to stay alert and keep an eye out for these type of cons.

Take it away, Sammy!

~Who can take his eye out,
And hold it in his hand?
The Candyman can....~

Where's Lt. Columbo when we need him, PirateBoy?

I did NOT see that coming.

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