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January 27, 2017


‘Psychic’ cat sold for £67k to a Russian witch after ‘ruining’ previous owner’s marriage

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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If he thinks that's all cats can do, he's sadly mistaken.

His wife needs a better divorce lawyer if "It was the cat making me" worked.

Seances in Novosibersk will now feature fish (or sausage) spirit guides.

Obviously, this was no surprise to the cat.

I think it is a typo and should read "Psycho Cat". That would be more realistic, judging after the two cats that live in my home.

I don't think this "traveler" gypsy woman spent "a tonne of money" on a cat for nothing. Lined up cat fanciers , she did, and bloody well got herself elected "COVEN QUEEN" because her "familiar" was the most powerful.

Obvious a mis-translation from the original Russian.

I think they meant "pyscho-cat".

How about a psycho-psychic cat? That would fit most of them. It's scary what they can get you to do just by looking cute. They can also levitate. My cat did once when an 8ft. bullsnake raised up and looked her in the face through an open window. That cat went about two feet in the air, blew up like a porcupine, spun and flew through the air into the next room. We enjoyed that big snake for several summers. It was always fun to watch when it greeted sales people.

I haven't seen so many words start with Blago- since the governor of Illinois got sent to prison. And I don't mean Ryan.

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