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January 27, 2017


The US Navy's new wonder material is synthetic hagfish slime

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Send it to Washington! Oh wait...never mind.

Didn't Synthetic Hagfish Slime open for Sting?

Almost comic-al. Marvel-ous, in fact.

that Is amazing - pretty sure they had some invisible thingy like that on Star Trek,
but this looks like it shields seamen

Why haven't we all heard of hagfish slime before ? The so-called media really dropped the ball on that one.

Next up: Synthetic Explodable Haggis.

Those military R&D guys/gals are really something!

Getting slimed is no longer a bad thing. Who saw this coming?

Also in demand at the White House.

Isn't this what they're adding to ground beef these day?

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