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January 29, 2017


A man recently called the Niceville Police Department to complain that a dog may have eaten his hearing aid. He wanted an officer to figure out how he could get it back.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Like the doctor told the woman whose baby had swallowed her wedding ring, "All things will pass".

Shocking twist you wouldn't have foreseen: "He was intoxicated."

It just occurred to me, if this guy lost his hearing aid how was he able to carry on a phone conversation with the cops? Which leads to more questions like:
1) Does he own a hearing aid?
2) Does he have a dog?
3) Does he know where Niceville is?

The dog's now a woofer - must be a bass-et hound.

I don't remember Niceville being this crazy when I lived there.
It's good to see Dave is back. Not that any of us were worried or anything. Next time call somebody!

He can just put his ear on the dog's ass for now. The consonants may be muffled, but the bowels will be clearly audible.

Well, Ralph sure won this one!

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