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January 18, 2017


“(Expletive)” said he’d been drinking tequila “and did not have a name at this time.”

Guess the state.

(Thanks to John Mayson)


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"Um, when do you think you might have a name, sur?"


"OK, I'll try again later."

"My name is Expletive, Expletive Expletive ".

betcha he's got an Ex-expletive

Causes that warm tingly feeling you just can't get enough of to know He's toast.

They asked your name, not your social description.

His horse has no name either.

He forgot what he came to forget.

♫ When you're really skunked,
you can't remember your name,
'Cause there ain't no one there to give you no pain
La, la

After nine days, the cops set me free
but told me I had better not flee...
La la la...♫

Mr. and Mrs. Expletive will have to come and bail him out.

Oh, the driver's license. I always forget about the drivers license.

Surprising that his name was not given as "J. Cuervo".

is that spelled with a #%! or a &@?

His official, given name was Anthony Hole, but his friend (Singular) just called him "A".

Say it isn't so!

his name is cursed

WTF's in a name, anyhow?

& he probly doesn't know sh!t

Wow, he was really (expletive)-faced.

[Expletive]? Surely not THE [Expletive]! Man, has he gone downhill since he and [Epithet] released their [Euphemism] album and did the tour around the Far East. Their breakup at the show in Phuket was epic! I guess he just couldn't handle losing custody of [Expletive, Jr.]

Tequila makes his name fall off.

take 2 pseudonyms & call me in the morning

It's pronounced doo-MAHS.

Nice Shawshank reference, mikeski. ;-)

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