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January 23, 2017


His response to police: “The wind was pushing me.”

(Thanks to Jim [formerly] of Perth)


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I once passed gas and hit 95 in a 65. My excuse was that with metformin it can be tough control.

Que Bob Dylan's "Bully wind" aka Idiot wind)

Tat was a gusty thing to say.


"Officer, what if I said you were the wind beneath my wings?"

"Do you want to go for $400?"

Possibly off topic, but you know who is responsible. Confucius say, squirrel who runs up woman's leg not find nuts

If I'm ever caught for speeding down the hill near me, I'll blame gravity and let you know how it works out.

Pu-u-ushed by the wind
All he was was pushed by the wind

must've been exhausting

127km/h???? What is that like? 200 mph? Okay, I looked it up and that's 78 mph. The next time I get stopped for speeding I'm going to tell the policeman that I need to know how fast I was going in km/h. That should keep me from getting a ticket!

NC - Is that like furlongs per fortnight?

The wind also deserves two demerits

How about: " Officer, I was trying to reach escape velocity because I've been summoned to the mother ship". You hear things like that doing admissions in a mental hospital. It never worked there either.

Ms. O'Hara: "Ah swear to God Ah'll never go over a hundred again!"
Officer Butler: "Frankly, Ma'am, I don't give a damn."

that was Tarable, meanie

OK, so it's not quite from a classic ...

Damn it, Maria, stop shovin'!

It was The Mighty Wind.
Was it a land barge? He could trim the sails. I used to drive a Pontiac Bonnyville, 1962 version, and a back wind was quite helpful to drive faster than 60 MPH

i can carey a tune, but i 'll jes lip sync along with fredkey

And how many roads must a man cruise down
Before they are clocked by The Man?
The answer, my friend,
Is blame it on the wind
The answer is blame it on the wind

- Robert Zoomerman

wind pushing lotsa cars around long island tonight - full blown nor'easter 3 <

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