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January 23, 2017


Man Hides Guitar in Pants, Walks Out of Store

(Thanks to MOTW)


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After walking out of the store he must have taken the Stairway to Heaven.

He showed good taste in guitars. Clothing, not so much.

That guitar was gently weeping.

Steal guitar?

He won't play far long with sticky fingers.

He's known for his long solos.

Or he was just happy to see you.

Supposedly, he prefers fiddling.

"Does this guitar make my ass look big?"

If you are ever asked this, the answer is ALWAYS no.

So, he was wearing a G string?

Thank you..

mebbe he was on a fender bender ?

The first thing he plays on that guitar should be "Classical Gas".

^5 Burt Mac

But was he Rick James, B!tch?

Should've started small, perhaps a ukulele?

@ImnotDave - maybe that what he did wrong - he was "Tiptoeing through the Tulips".

It should have been a strutocaster.

'Ol Slowhand is still strummin'.

He's Guitarzaaaaaan!
He's a stealin'man
But they grabbed his hand
Now he's in the Can
He's Guitarzaaaaan!

Now he plays the blues...

I wonder if that was a double-neck guitar.

he's full of fret

When he visits Piano Center, I wanna know.

think he'll tinkle the ivories ?


I'm worried he'll get an upright. Or worse, make a baby grand.

so ur saying he's a pianist - ?

Well, you know how these guys are. Always hopping from bar to bar, looking for a good score, causing treble.

- & horny

Right - messing with the staff ....

Staff Meeting

That's nothing, you should see where he hid the tuba...

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