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January 27, 2017


Driver leaves camel at toll booth after disagreement with staff

(Thanks to Ralph, who asks "Why didn't they call for a camel tow?")


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He had to send someone back to town for a sh#tload of dimes.

The toll is extra for camels with two humps.

Where do you put the iPass?

Ha Ralph - that camel tow'll getcha every time

I hate when this happens.

(*Snork* (or is it snort?)@Ralph)

My dad always liked to have a Camel(cigarette) after dinner.

I always thought the Camel was smoked AFTER the meal (or sex).

I'm surprised he didn't act like "what camel"?

Hey!! Some of those marbles that got spilled last week rolled a really really really long way.

Joe Camel grew an extra hump and nobody would walk a mile for him. Sad when fame fades and nobody remembers your name.

Makes me think of the toll booth scene in Blazing Saddles.

Camel Towing is a thing in El Paso, TX. I kid you not.

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