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January 30, 2017


Marijuana-smoked turkey now served in Denver at Cook's Fresh Market

(Thanks to Glenda Mostek)


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Now we have to find a recipe for stuffing/dressing that uses Doritos instead of bread cubes.

And watch out for the gravy.

Why not just throw a hemp rope on your barbecue coals?

"For those who like their turkeys both roasted AND baked!"

that stoned turkey be gobblin everything in sight, & lovin him some Plymouth Rock

For the first time in history, no Thanksgiving leftovers.

*Pass the pecan pie, would you?*

'No Leftovers??!'

*eyes corn-stuffed hamsters*

This might have made WKRP's turkeys fly high.

Shown here, a young Chuck Schumer demands turkeys be less extremely vetted before allowing them to smoke marijuana and travel freely while legally unconscious to Denver, a mile high city now launched into total kaos.

It didn't smell like marijuana burning, it had a sweet aroma, like a cherry wood and it was absolutely delicious," owner Ed Janos told Next. "People are smiling, giggling. Some people are afraid to try it. Some people are like, wow, this is really good..."

Next up: Marijuana smoked corn fed hamsters in costumes.

Cannabis. Cannibalism.

OMG, what have we done?

Health Dept. shut them down the next day: http://www.9news.com/news/local/next/deli-s-weed-smoked-turkey-destroyed-by-denver-environmental-health/394032763. Bummer, man.

- they get stoned and eat their face off ?

^ @ meanie

I'm surprised the cooks:
1) finished cooking the bird.
2) Didn't gobble it up when it was finished. (see what I did there ?)

A friend who lives in Denver said Cooks Market had stopped selling marijuana smoked turkey, supposedly because of health department rulings. The real reason was the huge unruly crowds that gathered outside when they smoked the turkeys.

What do I care where he eats after he's left office ?

I'm surprised this ever even caught on. Damned bongs were WAY too big.

The Anarchist Cookbook had a chapter on cooking w/pot. Last entry was, "Desert is the most important part of the meal as it's the last thing your guests will remember before passing out on your table."

So you could be sleepy and have the munchies at the same time?

It would have been more profitable if they used (insert state name here) fried chickens, you know the 'special' ones with 4 breasts, eight thighs and six wings. ;)

ImNotDave--Yeah man, I remember those chickens and they were cool. Came from some place called Three Mile Island. But I can't remember the state either.

Now I finally understand what the Ramones (Gabba Gabba Hey!) and The Trashmen (Before the Ramones) were singing about with Surfin' Bird.

(I'm not making this up, these are the actual lyrics)

Well everybody's heard about the bird

Bird bird bird
Bird is the word

Don't you know about the bird
Well everybody knows that the bird is a word

Bird bird bird bird is a word

WATSON, COME HERE. I believe something a-fowl is afoot.
A foul is not the same as a goal. Come here!

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