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January 30, 2017


In the envelopes, the recipients would find a threatening message often accompanied by toilet paper stained with the couple's pet dog's excrements.

(Thanks to Ross C.)


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Go-ing postal?

Hitting "send" on a e-coli?

Terror by Mail, the new M. Night Shyamalan mystery?

^ Or "an." By the way, who licks the envelopes?

Their suspect activities re obviously an integral function of the ever diminishing long hand of the Axis.

What's new? We get crap mail every day.

As my brother would say, What the Actual F#ck?

" They caught them red-handed... "


If it's illegal to send threatening letters and giving the recipient a lot of crap, then they should close down the IRS.

AmoebaStampede, don't you mean e-collie?

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