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January 09, 2017


Florida man accused of shooting cows with AR-15 from moving car

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"Sir, why did you shoot a cow with an AR-15?"
"I left my Uzi at home."

Check please!

Where did the cows get an AR-15 and did they shoot back?

"Oh, George, not the livestock!"

Obviously, that was far too dangerous. He should have set up a steakout.

(Er, and don't try the veal.)

They have cows in Florida?

Gators, snakes, monkeys, lions, and people, but cows?

I just never thought of Florida as a "dairy state".

In the Good Old Days it was fun taking friends cow tipping or snipe hunting. No livestock or wildlife ever got harmed, but often you wound up with fewer friends.

Sad that you couldn't bag any snipe, LeP. Did you try in the state capitol?

funny man - Florida has a few dairy farms, but they graze thousands of beef cattle. Grass grows year round there, so it's good grazing country.

Did he use one of those evil large capacity moogazines?

What was his beef?

What he should have told the police is that the cows were shooting at him and he only took the gun to protect other innocent citizens from these homocidal cows. People, use your imagination!

I think in a Far Side cartoon the cows were shooting back.

Not very sporting, is it? As Jake Johannsen notes, you can hunt cows with a hammer.

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