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January 17, 2017



This has been your Florida Wildlife Report.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Newtonian, John Gregg, Stephan Smith and A.C.)


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I see your 'Yikes' and raise you an "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Hmmm... Do I choose Florida or Australia for my vacation this year? Decisions, decisions...

It's a nature center. Truth in advertising.

From all the idiots calmly filming that beast from just a few feet away, winning a Darwin Award has become quite popular.

I suspect the gator will soon be eaten by a Burmese python. Maybe.

No eye bleach exists that can erase that lifelong nightmare.

Maybe the gator got that big by eating pythons.

and that was just the decoy

Good freakin' Lord. BTW, is there a lawyer around he can eat?

I'd say "Send that gator to the inauguration!" but I'm opposed to cruelty to animals.

I read elsewhere by a supposed expert that the animal is actually a crocodile, not a gator. In case you are keeping score, you need to know that.

I agree with klezmerphan. Florida is getting to be almost as dangerous as Australia.

I visited Everglades National Park a couple years ago in April. It was still the dry season so the gators were crowded in areas with water looking for fish and getting ready for the breeding season. I went down the anhinga trail at 4am with a group of fellow birdwatchers (really, we got a great look at a young Barred Owl). The flashlights revealed the orange eye shine of 40 or 50 gators and we could all hear the splash, splash, and chomp, chomp as the gators fed on the traped fish. That being said we stayed on the trail and far away from the water and were on a board walk up above the water most of the time. Can't wait to go back.

I sure did not lie down on the ground close to the gators like these idiots. Respect nature and give it plenty of room, especialy nature that could eat you.

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