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January 25, 2017


Man with mop on head seeks egg in Port St. Lucie

(Thanks to John Mayson, Jeff Meyerson, Ross C. and Ralph)


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To paraphrase no one in particular, "You're fried!"

The epitome of someone's college career was to write that headline.

Cousin It impersonators have a hard go of it since the Addams Family stopped production.

"Batman, have you seen Egghead's latest costume?" The Commissioner asked.

" Mops are not commonly used as disguises "

My people call them " hairpieces ".

I thought "mop head" was a racial/ethnic slur

".. I was short of an egg .."

Buddy, that ain't all you're short of, IYKWIM(AITYD).

The egg on top was an ovary action.

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