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January 21, 2017


Man says his 18.9-inch penis is a disability that forces him to live off food banks

(Thanks to Ross Couples)


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I had a man come enter the emergency room a few years ago and he was probably about 11" long, iywim. Not only was I shocked when I saw it so were the other nurses, women from the cafeteria and laundry areas, x-ray techs, and a couple of ladies I think were eating at the McDonald's across the street from the hospital. It was scary looking. btw, his injury was a broken leg. I'm not sure if he tripped over anything or not.

I hear his benefits are running out.
Maybe he can get an extension.

It is a very exact measurement, 18.9 inches?

If life is so bad, why is he grinning

Yeah, but it's too big to use!

In Greek mythology, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is viewed by observing the 18.9 brightest stars of the southern-most hemisphere of the Taurus the Bull constellation. Ok, I'm lying and not about to display my empathy or socks.

My first inclination was I wouldn't touch this post with an 18.9 foot pole.

makes me gag

@ligirl - are you Sasha Gray?

*ahem* i mean i find this guy revolting
he should be cut off

from all the free loading handouts he gets

Seems like a stretch to me.

His nickname was "Tripod".

There must be a Nobel Prize for that, but I won't say it.

That reminds me : what happened to the Marquis?

An embarrassment of riches...

that's not a penis - that's a Foot... & a half!

There has to be a broadway musical in the works.

Someone pass him the keys to the wienermobile.

Best comment following the Mirror article from Phil:
Is this story all true? A bit hard to swallow

What was that story the other day about Moby Something?

They should have printed these comments with the original story.

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