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January 23, 2017


Fearless Kung Fu fan shows off his 'Iron Crotch' stunt as he lets a huge wooden pole swing into his groin

(Thanks to Michael Moyer and Le Petomane, who says "He may not be nutty much longer.")


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This may not bode well for his future. It looks to me like the thrill is gone.

Better get it right the first time ....

According to Kung Fu masters, before practising 'Iron Crotch', a man needs to focus on his body sensation and massage his testicles, such as pushing them outwards. Such exercise has to be done for at least 300 to 500 times per day in order to reach the level of the man from the video."

SO was it good for you? (Is he smiling?)

Possibly off topic but, Confucius say, man who put cock on stove, have hot rod

"Chinese people believe that the squatting position helps him transport his 'chi energy' down to his manhood, making it as hard as iron."

I guess I missed that part of sex ed.

not reading all that, but pretty sure it's bangkok

Definitely bangkok

Insert your "What, and quit show business?" line here.

I believe Rocky Squirrel once said to Bullwinkle, "Life is good until you lose your nuts".
Rocky was the world's first and only philosophical squirrel.

wasn't iron crotch on the food network ? pretty sure i once tried their meat rub -

my husband liked it

ligirl-I believe Iron Crotch started appearing on any show he could after failing at the superhero business. He never got the same coverage as Ironman.

Let it stay wrinkled, I say.


yeah, those iron crotch recipes Were a bit starchy

I only ever got to Tinfoil

It's claimed the stunt could treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

because it's always swollen and never does the rest of that sentence?

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