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January 29, 2017


Seriously: Ew.

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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The Board certified whiskey-spit-rag-spatting Opthlamologist can probably do tape worms too.

It would have been rough for the patient if they had to extract that tapeworm from the other end.

Dinner conversation with this fellow may be a little constrained.

ACK!!!!!!! I wish I hadn't clicked on that link.

I'm guessing he either lost a bet or won a contest.

This is why commercial pork producers in the US are no longer allowed to feed pigs raw garbage.

Hey, a lot of folks spend a boatload of money to go on the Tapeworm Diet, so don't knock it if you haven't tried it. Personally been less than thrilled by intestinal parasites ever since an adorable toddler vomited a round worm into my lap while I was taking his temperature. It was in a hospital in a place where this wasn't an unusual occurrence.

Those long thin tapeworms bear a close resemblance to some noodles in Chinese food---just sayin'.

What ever happened to warnings about grossness in link?

I saw /6-foot-tapeworm-india-study/index.html in the link and decided not to click.

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