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January 19, 2017


Police were able to help link a toothless woman to a vehicle theft after they found her dentures inside the vehicle.

There's probably a perfectly innocent explanation.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Taking a bite out of crime.

Come on Florida, let some of the other states have some drugs, too.

The vehicle's owner told her "Bite me," so...

The long bi-cuspid of the law will chew you up...and spit you out.

And those dentures can and will talk!

When setting out on her crime spree she felt tough and ruthless. After being caught she felt rough and toothless.

Okay, Alex, I'll take shoes and dentures for the win...

Normally trolling in a boat is done at much slower speeds...

I hope she could at least keep it straight where the dentures vs. the shoes were supposed to go. (Doesn't sound like a given).

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