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January 24, 2017


A man was spotted beside the street holding a popcorn maker box by officers on patrol.

(Thanks to Ross Couples)


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He won't get far without butter.

Don't the munchies usually come afterward, not before?

Diet tip: Substitute drugs for the fake butter topping.

Shoddy journalism: how many spots did the man have?

He'll be out in a jiffy, for sure.

Is his name Orville?

come to think of it I'D run with a box of *screaming yellow zonkers*, too....

Guelph is an odd name for a town. My cat makes a 'guelph' sound whenever she hacks up a hairball.

♫ Jimmy crack crack, and I don't care,
Jimmy smoke pot and I do care,
cause everything's popin up drugs
In Old Guelp (rhymes with elf) tonite...♫

How did the man get spotted? Did he win the popcorn maker in a paintball contest?

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