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January 17, 2017


According to a lawsuit, the building council claims that “that the word ‘Dick’ in Moby Dick was an offensive term"

(Thanks to Peter [Ha!] Metrinko)


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I find it equally as offensive as Sorab's Fish and Chips.

Moby Richard's Restaurant just doesn't seem right.

This is exactly why a lot of people were offended by Dick Nixon.

Hope the owners do more than stand around and blubber.

guess THAR SHE BLOWS! is out of the question

Call is Ishmael's.

Good thing Starbucks didn't go with Mocha Dick (the source name for Moby Dick).


I thought Moby Dick was an STD.

We had some friends who called the video rental place to see if they had Moby-Dick starring Gregory Peck on tape. They were told that that particular store did not carry p**n.

Isn't Canada connected to England ? Why don't they complain about that spotted desert ? Sure trash a great American novel but ignore British cuisine.....

As far as Dick's go, it is vitally important the people of the blog remember Nixon put a man on the moon and Obama put a man in the women's restroom.

Be sure to read the comments.

Everything CAN be offensive, but adults don't whine about it. THey know how to file lawsuits.

Ditch the whale and put up a map of Sweden.

My father and I both share that unfortunate first name. He used to tease me about this.

Ine day he introduced me to his boss (Who, no joke, had the last name of Ball) as "Big Dick and Little Dick." My 12-year old sense of righteous indignation kicked in, and I blurted out "Yes, and he often forgets which one is bigger."

Dad went red, and never teased me about my name again.

Moby Dick is based on Rum, sodomy, and the lash, if I may paraphrase an old one

Around here it's a kabob shop.

now what the Hell is JANE gonna have Fun with ?

Is our Canadian Councils learning?

Just a bunch of bureaucratic Mobys. And big ones, at that.

Just remind everyone that the title is actually the single word "Moby-Dick". Problem solved.

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