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January 31, 2017


Runners in a posh town say they are being attacked by a mystery yob who is throwing vegetables  at them.

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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I saw the whole thing: it was a drive-by fruiting!

what the was heck is a yob? Of course, if the writer was dyslexic, it could be a boy.

Mystery Yob opened for Pussy Riot

The antithesis of what a good boy should be: rude, obnoxious, violent, and stupid; a loutish and uncultured person.

Taking a beeting

If the yob (jerk on this side of the pond) starts lobbing kale or haggis, he should get life.

Not to worry, he'll turnip.

it's a partyboob !

I know a yob who's going to get an ASBO.

As if vegetables aren't good for you.

This spud's for you.

If I throw a tomato at those runners, am I a veggie thrower or a fruit hurler?


I once hurled a yob. Pretty good distance, but it was a small yob. It got up and put me in a hammerlock, so I had to deploy chili peppers.

Local folks must be pretty stewed.

i fought the slaw & the slaw won

yob = Young Obnoxious Ba$tard

YOB opened for ABBA.

I did not think he had the onions to do this.

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