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January 19, 2017


Man dressed as beer bottle wanted for alleged pizza theft

(Thanks to Ross C. and funny man, who gets a larger font because we missed him the first time, which we do a lot because we are incompetent and behind on the mail and we apologize if you send in things we use and you don't get credited)


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The Hamburglar has some competition. They are both unwanted in most countries.

He won't get far without a bottle opener.

I find it interesting that he was from Barry. Did they name a town of county after Dave?

What would go perfect with myself? Ahhh!

Next up: Man dressed as bong wanted for alleged Cheeto theft

I could be wrong, but I think he was with five other guys.

The police have audio, but all you can hear is "braaaap."

I send in lots of things that don't get credited. As I told The Blog long ago, I have more important things in my life than trivial credits.

I'll think of some in a little while.

The Force is strong in this one.

Jeff- This is not the longneck you're looking for.

sure not seein 6 pack abs...

Speaking of 'sending stuff in' to this website, where exactly DO I send stuff in?

{{ Dave }} you are not incompetent. I don't care what anyone else says.

Moderately-Happy: just email it to daveblog@herald.com.

Dave and Rob's foreign office

Somewhere, Judi is grinning incessantly.

Wait... are funny man and Jeff Meyerson really the same person?? You never see them both at the same time.

Head, I ASSURE YOU that Jeff and I are not the same person. Ask Judi. Or Dave. (We do take shifts sometimes, however.)

IN other news....I did not expect Dave to handle my
'inquiry' that way.... Unfortunately I can't afford to live anywhere currently but Brownbackistan.

And note it's a foreign beer bottle outfit.
Follow the grease and city cams, and you'll find the perp.

Picture is blurry... looks like it was taken through beer goggles.

Wow. A big font sighting.

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