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January 30, 2017


Corn turning French hamsters into deranged cannibals

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and Ralph)


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Them's ain't hamsters. Them's squirrels what got their tails bobbed for to delude us.

Certain forms of corn, 'shine for example, can turn humans deranged. Though not usually cannibalistic.

Interestingly enough, I saw French Hamsters open for Deranged Cannibals.

They took a dozen to the ER.

Sounds like a possible solution to the squirrel menace.

An opposite to deranged cannibals would be "arranged cannibals". Which type would be preferred?

France has wild hamsters? This explains so much.

what did the hamster cannibal do after she dumped her babies in the lab ?


The French have surrendered to hamsters?

Key Quote: Monoculture ... is really bad for biodiversity.

This MPATHG quote seems more sinister now:
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Corn should be used in moderation. Just ask Hee Haw.

Can we please not forget Fine Young Cannibals?

If those hamsters got into some fermented corn, we could call them French fried hamsters.

Oh great... Something more to worry about.

Le Pet .. French fried .. ha ha ha ha ha!

One of my favorite scenes from Fawlty Towers, an exchange between Polly and Basil on Gourmet Night, when she's trying to discreetly inform him that the gourmet chef he's hired is drunk:

He’s potted! .. the shrimps. He’s soused! .. the herrings. He’s pickled .. the onions and he’s smashed .. the eggs in his cups .. under the table. ♪

.... followed by Basil asking Polly if she had been drinking!

Absolutely, insanely hilarious show.

"Listen, don't mention the war."

"I am from Barcelona."

Is hamster meat lean? I would guess so since all they do is running inside that wheel, and when they get tired, they just copulate. That woud make their meat too tough for me, but then, I am not a cannibal hamster.

Is Siberian Filigree Hamster!

- Manuel

A satisfied customer. We should have him stuffed.

I didn't make any bleedin' ratatouille!

How many times can you and your wife manage it? On average ...?

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