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January 25, 2017


Australian Artist Creates Golden Clitoris Statue

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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I so want this. It's exactly what I (and most men) have been searching for. But will the paint rub off?

"Down under"


Spread the word.

i dunno why this reminds me of the flying fickle finger of fate

*hurries to back seat of geezer bus*

Now that we know where it's located, the question most men have to ponder: Do we want to risk stepping on a venomous snake to see it?

Oh my god, not another stupid award show...

"The nominees for the Clit are...."

You would think GPS technology could be of some use here .....

Smelling a Turner Prize. Will be a nice follow up to the giant bum.

I ordered mine and received a shipping update. Your Golden Clitoris statue will be shipped as soon as we can locate it.

meanie - just go straight up til you get to the fork in the road


and then they put a trigger warning at the end?!?!

Thanks, ligirl. Maybe I should check with Lost & Found.

Was the artist's name Mulva?

It is suggested that you pay attention to it but not too much attention.

pretty sure it's dolores, jeff

"Glitoris" the new superhero coming this spring.

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