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January 01, 2017


Blogging will be sporadic for the next week or so, because we are attempting to recover from 2016, and also catching up on our reading.

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Can't we talk about? Aw, please.

I suspect that if Mrs. Blog catches you in your research, you'll need more than a week to recover.

I used to love reading Cosmo while I got my hair cut. I'd give my barber the quiz. Side note, reading that and Esquire back to back (still at the salon) I noticed that the women's magazines' primary subjects were:
1) Finding men
2) Pleasing men
3) Attracting men
4) Clothes
5) Finding clothes that attract men
The men's magazines' primary subjects were:
1) Food and alcohol
2) Cars
3) Clothes
4) Women (mostly pictures)

Notice the article that says "If Your Boobs Could Talk". It should say "Talk Back".

If my boobs could talk, they would say "who the $^&% invented bras anyway?"

Veee, truer words were never spoken.

Dave, please be sure to enjoy responsibly. No eye strain!

Study up on the "Next Level Sex," and report back.

I wanted to read that "Instant Happiness" article, but it took too long.

Happy Vacation, Dave!

Didn't Dave just take a vacation five years ago? Writers! Happy New Year to everyone. Here's hoping 2017 is a much better year.

If you want to know what boobs talk about, watch CSPAN.

Clankie, I tried that once, it was a bust.

Dave is just getting some educational reading in. There are always new things to learn. (ha)

"Next Level Sex"? Probably just having sex in the attic of your home. Been there, didn't do that...

"What your breast friends need to be sexy..." That's a joke right ? I get it !

keep your breast friends close . . . and your enemas closer

"How compete with AND win in a proper staring contest with someone's boobs!"

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