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January 21, 2017


Key West man robs diner with garden hoe, chased by staff

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Next time, use a gub.

Dave I'm in town huge fan I made reservations for 2 at la cartes today in hopes u would join me. Please write back I wouldn't be opposed to rubbing you under the table

Yanisleidys, this story is about the other kind of hoe.

The perp had a pink sweatshirt around his neck, was hit by a pink chair making his getaway and was pursued by an employee on a (pink?) moped. After being arrested the cops found he was in possession of a 'colorful' substance. Now, what color was the hoe?

Itrato recovered the register, some cash and the hoe


No reaction from the garden hoe lobby yet.

That's no way to rake in the dough.

padraig, thanks for clearing that up. At first I thought this was a story about a woman of ill repute who liked to hang around places like the Lowes garden center. In fact I was going to point out this was shoddy journalism because there was no picture of the 'hoe'.

Hi hoe, hi hoe, it's off to work camp he go.

"Some guys just can't go ANYWHERE without they hoe.."
--Secret Service guy, on conditions of anonymity.

Wasn't there an old tv show called "HEE HOE"?

As the laid-off streewalker said, "It's a tough road to ho..."

Did not read - is it about Kanye West and his hoes?

It's reassuring that they didn't throw in the trowel.

I've waited all my life (until now) to read the sentence "The chair strike caused money to fly out, she said.". Now, I can finally get back to whatever I should have been waiting for.

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