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December 29, 2016


6-year-old uses sleeping mom's thumb to break into phone to buy $250 in Pokemon toys

(Thanks to PirateBoy)


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Most Likely to Become the Poster Child of the Entitled Child Era.

Then again, any parent naming her kid Ashlynd has this coming.

Now that little Ashlynd knows she only needs mommy's thumb to order stuff, mommy should probably take her naps in the bedroom with the door bolted.

Here's the part of the story which requires additional clarification:

"Fortunately for Ashlynd, only four of the items were able to be returned."

It appears that when you are six, crime really does pay, after all.

at least she didn't cut it off like in that Arnold Schwarenegger movie

Nailed for fingerprint theft. Sounds phony.

I never let my thumb sleep for just this reason. My arm occasionally falls asleep.....

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