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December 23, 2016


Idaho Potato Drop unveils new GlowTato

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Giant Glowing Spud played at my high school prom.

Clankie- I thing I was there, the whole high school thing was kind of a haze.

Glow spuds are grown only near Arco, Idaho. It is a unique town that proudly states on a billboard that since 1949, more nuclear reactors (over 50) have been built there than any place in the world. The EPA and the DOE does not recommend the consumption of this potato after dropping. They also add that dropping it gently is a good idea.

i think i fainted a little

I've a hard time deciding which is more thrilling, watching paint dry or the glow Tater.

Actually, however, I have found that tuning to a local unused over-the-air TV channel and listening to the static--er--white noise is more fun than either of those two events.

I don't know what a "rail jam" is, but six hours of it sounds more like torture than entertainment.

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