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December 29, 2016


Miami Fan Punches West Virginia Fan With Prosthetic Leg in Bathroom Fight

Advisory: Unsportspersonlike language.

Clarification: The Miami fan did not use a prosthetic leg to punch the West Virginia fan.

(Thanks to Mr. Paul Levine)


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Further Clarification.

Probably not safe for work.

One of the reasons Africa has banned witchcraft from their football games.

The Miami guy will try and sue, but he doesn't have a leg to stand on
And his lawyer will charge him anyway, so he'll have to foot the bill

Just like in the "Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy".

So I said to my one-legged sister, "Peg...".

Was he named " Smith " ?

En garde. My name is Inigo Montoya...

You call that a "punch"? More like a slap I'd say. In WV a punch is something you might use to discourage a bear. Perhaps when it is chewing your leg off.

All sorts of penalty flags thrown at JG. Wonderfully awful.

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