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December 31, 2016


Elderly man angry about promotional mailer attacks salesman with golf club

(Thanks to Jon Harris)

Jupiter woman with dagger threatens brother who ate dumpling

(Thanks to Ralph)


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There is nothing lower than a pierogi thief.

The club had to be a driver, I would assume.

Somewhere along the line the 19th amendment addresses the issue of a women's right to use a dagger if a gun is not immediately available.

Why do we let women from Jupiter in here anyway ?

Clankie, didn't you read the sign? We let women in from anywhere. Free drinks, too.

We once admitted a woman who claimed to be from Jupiter when I worked in the mental hospital. She swore Mork and Mindy was based a true story. We made sure she didn't have access to sharp objects. It appears women from Jupiter are very interesting, but screwy.

Which are more dangerous:

A) Women from Jupiter with daggers
B) Women from Venus with a Venereal Disease
C) Women from Earth with 400 pairs of shoes


That's at least a two-stroke penalty.

(A) can be disarmed
(B) can likely be cured by antibiotics
(C) Don't hesitate, RUN AWAY!

Was it Cher? She promised to move to Jupiter if Trump wins. Maybe she came back.

Attacking a car salesman with a golf club is a crime?

People in the US know only two types of Polish Perogies - either stuffed with cheese or with potatoes.
In Poland, we have perogies stuffed with ground meat, or sauerkraut, or sauerkraut and wild mushroom, or if you like it sweet, with blueberries, or strawberries, or my favorite - sweet cheese.
They are very good, but not worth dying for.

All I can say is that frozen pierogies are pretty darn crunchy. If he ate the whole bag full, his teeth must be tougher than her knife.

1. Definitely stay off his lawn.
2. I didn't follow the link, assuming "dumpling" was a pet name.

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