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December 01, 2016


A Texas golfer is recovering in the hospital after a fellow player allegedly bashed him in the head with a golf club for moving his ball during a game.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)

Irate bodybuilder flattens a judge and whips out his penis in protest after losing international competition

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Ironically, I saw The Texas Golfers open for The Irate Bodybuilders.

Boring show, to be honest.

That's what happens when you touch a guy's ball.

Could steroids have been involved?

We are NOT going to comment on the reporter's name (Rory Tingle) on the bodybuilder's story.

Nobody should have to go through something like that when you’re having a fun day of golf,' his mother, Sohnya Suarez-Cope, said.

Apparently there are many different ideas about what constitutes a "fun day of golf." ("Fore!")

Insert your own "strawweight division" joke here.

Bodybuilder to judge: "'Scuse me while I whip this out."

I thought touching your partners balls was Fore play.

"Onlookers tried to reason with the shirtless muscleman..."
Shockingly, this did not work.

Whew! Based on the headline I thought he whipped out the judge's penis. The story could have been a lot worse.

The assaulted golfer and the judge both got the shaft.

Golf is a good way to ruin a walk in the park.

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