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December 01, 2016


Local residents had stopped the female driver of a vehicle whom they believed was driving whilst drunk. One of the clues that tipped them off was the children’s swing set wedged onto the roof of the vehicle.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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'I had to arrest her' said the officer. 'I just couldn't let it slide'

Love the comment under the story:

When the cops asked the obviously inebriated driver about the light pole, he told them the car came that way when he bought it.

Boy, try to take the kids out for a little fun and everybody gets their panties in a wad.
Actually, I have zero sympathy for drunk drivers. I saw too many horrible accidents due to drunk driving when I worked in the ER and when I was a paramedic. Put her in jail and throw away the key.

Good thing they stopped her now. Next week she was going to bring home a jungle gym.

Wait...they have women in Australia? Who knew?

NurseCindy: You were a paramedic? Were you Gage or DeSoto?

@PirateBoy: I think nursecindy would have been Dixie McCall -- Nurse Dixie didn't put up with crap from ANYBODY.

There is a movie "The Naughty Nurses of North Carolina", on an adult internet.

That is not he proper way to install a roo-guard.

She was on her way to a swinger party?

Snorks to all and ^5 to nursecindy.

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