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December 28, 2016


A Reading man is behind bars for allegedly opening fire on what he said were clowns running around inside his home.

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)


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You're supposed to go to a range for clown skeet.

Yet another example how reading causes a lot of trouble. Reading should be banned.

Matthias told them he saw "approximately two small clowns"

I'm impressed he was able to make that assessment in his condition.

Small clowns? I can't believe he missed the dragon in his kitchen. Sheesh.

Were there clowns to the left of him and jokers to the right?

At least he only saw two small clowns. If he had seen giant squirrels this could have ended badly.

And yet he only had "a sip" to drink.

Good one, cindy.

Who among us hasn't seen small clowns after taking a sip of vodka ?

He needs a bigger gun if he's gonna go after the pink elephants.

What if they're real ? Think of some OUTER LIMITS episodes.......

I work with a bunch of clowns, and I'm fairly sure my manager is a Bozo. All I see at our weekly "staff meetings" are fake noses, large, red shoes and the annoying sound of them all honking to one another.


Two small clowns. Last seen in 2nd floor apartment.

LOL NC -- first thing that came to my mind as well. Except I'm betting HE was on the right.

Does his gun have a little flag with "BANG!" written on it?

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