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December 31, 2016


Really. And if you're a Miami resident, please don't shoot.


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Happy New Year, and thanks to you guys who always make me laugh. Not an easy feat these days. So here's a toast to you, courtesy of my Grandfather: "Health and Happiness"

Outside Miami, all bets are off

A person I knew from West Virginia told me he would never shoot a gun into the air to welcome the new year, he said that tying a stick of dynamite in a tree was much better.

Hope the New Year comes in withhout a bang for Dave, his family, his blog associates, and all bloggers here.

So when you shoot a bullet in the air it always comes down. Always?

Who knew?

Happy New Year y'all! CSI did a show once about a returning bullet whacking someone. Growing up in a mining town we always had dynamite to celebrate with. One time we decided to celebrate by blowing up an old outhouse. We used too much dynamite and I'll just say you don't want to be anywhere near an exploding outhouse. Ever.

Le Petomane, I think I'm near an exploding outhouse right now.

Happy new year!

On a personal note. I have pointed to the fact, on many occasions on the blog, I grew up in very rough neighborhood. It was New year's eve I'm guessing 1960 or '61. I am sitting in my little kids chair, my favorite chair to sit in front of the TV and watch. My mother is standing at the front door some eight feet to my side looking outside and sees some fireworks in the sky. She says, "Manual, come here quick and see the fireworks." I jump out of my chair and take a step, maybe step and a half, toward my mother at the front door. A *CRACK* breaks through the back window of the house and glass shatters. My father realizes a bullet fired horizontally from the back of the house has come through the back window and entered the room where I and my mother are. He can not find exactly where the bullet went, so He calls police. An officer and my father traced the bullet down. The officer took out a pocket knife and dug the slug out of the cushion (lodged in the wood frame) of my favorite little chair I had been sitting a split second before I got up and stepped toward my mother to see the fireworks. She saved my life. I was only five or six years old at the time but I do remember the officer telling my father, "that bullet would have cut him in half."

I once participated in a progressive dinner on New Year's Eve when that only meant driving from spot to spot for various parts of the meal. I suppose that wouldn't be politically correct now, and probably not the most cheery group of folks to be with this particular year. I'll at least nudge Dave toward bringing back that fad with blog folks landing at his place for dessert...

Party at Dave's house? I'm in!
I hope 2017 is a much better year for everyone. Happy New Year to some of the funniest and kindest people I've ever known. You all have gotten me through some tough times with your jokes and comments and I'm forever grateful for that.
The e.r. nurse in me insists I say this. Have fun but please, don't drink and drive.

Back when such things were legal, my father purchased a "Saturday Night Special" hammerless .38 from the (so-called) ex-hitman who lived next door to us. Dad whipped out the gun to show me, and it turns out to be fully loaded, and ready to fire.

Which it did, loudly. It missed me by inches. We searched the garage walls for hours but never found the slug.

Which still doesn't explain how my cousin shot my IBM Selectric typewriter. Try explaining "Someone shot it" to the service tech...

Many good cautionary tales...but, if you simply MUST fire into the air tonight, don't forget to be polite, and say, "'Scuse me while I whip this out."

Happy New Year to Dave, Judi, and families, and to all the pistols and sons o'guns on the blog!

People using alcohol and firearms? What could possibly go wrong?

A happy, safe, New Year to all.

I did my driving (and dayhiking) earlier today. Now I'm home for the night to round up a few drinks and settle in for my own Twilight Zone marathon on DVDs (it's unwatchable on the SyFy channel).

Happy New Year and a good 2017 to all of you!

Happy New Year 2017 to Dave and everyone. Be safe.

Happy New Year to Dave, judi, all their family members, and everyone who contributes (or just lurks) here on the Best Blog in the World!

Sad note:

R.I.P. Fr. Francis Mulcahy (William Christoper).

Jocularity, jocularity, jocularity!

I'm acrimonious!!

(Well, sad ...)

This how you know you're an old geezer, all your heroes & heroines are gone and all that's left are clowns and fools.

Happy New Year!

My favorite Father Mulcahy moment came when he was playing some ragtime piano at a camp party:

"I started off playing some Scott Joplin, and I can't seem to find the ending..."

Happy New Year, slightly belated.

I Moved, and my internet and internet phone cut off by internet company. Internet's back, internet phone not yet. Same company, same service, same "idiots"? Who knew that a transfer of service to new address could go so wrong?

Anyway, among many things I am looking forward to:

The Super Bowl, with maybe the Chiefs?

Legacy 24, in which Jack Bower discovers he's black, after the FBI gives him a new identity....wait, that's not right, is it?

And an election free year! Yeah!!!

24 Leg

Yes, I know I spelled Bauer wrong. I was checking to see who noticed, and the bottom '24 Leg" was my typo,
thank you very much!

I thought it was Baauer (who did the Harlem Shake ¡con los terroristas!)

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