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December 24, 2016


A South Florida beauty queen is charged with attacking a man during a drunken party at her home.

(Thanks to Jon Harris, who says "not Miss Congeniality.")


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Mama Gump: " Beauty is as beauty does. "

Key quote: "The affidavit says after Barcelo and another man pushed the guest down the stairs, Barcelo swung a baseball bat at the guest and punched him. Barcelo denied hitting the man while he was on the ground."

Local constabulary's response: "Given that you exercised such obvious self-restraint, you are hereby free to go!"

Just another alluring alcohol-fueled weekend melee.

Miss Spring Training 2017.

The article didn't mention they were eating carry out pizza from Chuck E. Cheese when the fight started.

Amazingly, alcohol ...etc.

Charlie Sheen's smart mouth again...

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