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December 23, 2016


The cop learned that workers Nancy Michelle Kirkpatrick, 56, and Quanisha Dre’Shawn Fenn, 21, had “got into an argument over a hard boiled egg.” During the squabble, Fenn said, Kirkpatrick called her a “bitch.” “After that,” a cop reported, “Ms. Fenn called her mother.”

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)


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Remnants of the portentous encounter at Khe Sanh.

If Denny's fires them, they will fit right in working at Chuck E. Cheese.

Too many cooks can be downright dangerous.

What were you doing at Denny's?

Chuck E. Cheese wasn't open then.

More apostrophes in those names are needed for a real brawl.

Denny's is just a sit-down Chuck E. Cheese with table service.

Hard-boiled means ten whole minutes, bitch.

One of these two is obviously a bad egg. The yolk's on her.

Q. Why can’t you tease egg whites?
A. They can’t take a yolk.

After they were fired, both applied to work at the local Shell statio.


Sorry, my proof-reader is on holiday.

Fixed the last line for them...

"The police report does not further detail why two ALLEGED adults were arguing over a hard-boiled egg."

Can never have too many allegeds in a newspaper account of a police report. And let's face it. The people, including Mommy, are adults in a numerical context only.

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